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StarMap (DRAFT*)

Each waypoint can include the release of additional Factions, Schematics, Ships, Modules, Materials, and Resources as well as NFT utility and use cases.

Waypoint 0: Genesis (Q3 2021)

x Genesis License/Badge for early adopters
x Pre Whitelist Promos
x Wikipaper
x Whitelisting with Atomic Hub
x Scout Class Promos and Stickers
x Social Mining

Waypoint 1: Enduring (Q3 2021)

x Refining Resources
x Starter Kit
x Introduction of the Kuiper Crew
x Introduction of Achievements
x HODL Mining Phase I: Ore
x Neftyblocks Level 1 Collection
x Basic Verification and Whitelisting with Neftyblocks

Waypoint 2: Brinehurst (Q4 2021)

x Brinehurst Schematic drop
x Active Scanner Turret Manufacturing
x Tractor Beam Turret Manufacturing
x HODL Mining Phase II: Salvaging

Waypoint 3 Satellites (Q4 2021)

x Satellite Schematic drop
x HODL Mining Phase III: Energy Collection
x Energy cell charging

Waypoint 4 Upgrades (FEB 2022)

x Rigging Templates Drop
x Manufacturing Upgrade Rigging Modules
x Ship Upgrades

Waypoint 5: Vanguard (TBD)

o Vanguard Schematic drop
o Weapon Turret Manufacturing

Waypoint 6: Privateer (TBD)

o Details on how to Earn Privateer Badge
o Privateer Wave 1 Schematics Release
o Wave 2 Promos and Stickers
o Privateer Wave 2 Schematics Release

Waypoint 7: Terran (TBD)

o Details on how to Earn Terran Badge
o Terran Wave 1 Promos
o Terran Wave 1 Schematics Release
o Terran Wave 2 Promos
o Terran Wave 2 Schematics Release

Future Waypoints will introduce additional Factions as well as Expedition and Capital class ships.

The Privateer Scout class ship Enduring will have common availability throughout the life of the project with periodic starter kit drops. All other ships will have limited minting.

There will be more to come! Stay tuned!

This wiki serves as the whitepaper documentation. This draft project documentation is a living document and is updated regularly throughout pre-launch.