Site / Overview

Project (DRAFT*) is an independent collectible NFT project developed by and for the community of NFT enthusiasts on the blockchain.

Gather resource NFTs by Social Mining, HODL Mining, Salvaging, and energy collection satellites. Use resources and materials to build, upgrade, and equip your fleet of ships.

Our theme is Space and Sci-Fi in an alternate future universe where the blockchains and their communities have evolved into major corporations that control various star systems and vie for power and influence. The backstory involves a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kuiper One, first manned mission to the Kuiper Belt.

The style is a mash up of minimalism and sci-fi from the 70's and 80's

New resources and schematics are made available individually and in packs via airdrops, drops (both free and paid), contests, social participation, and giveaways. Some mint number 1s will be put up for auction and proceeds used to cover costs. A limited number of NFTs and/or packs from each wave will be set aside for promotions, volunteers, and contributors.

There will be multiple waves of ships released for each faction and each faction has a different style and attributes.

Goals include having a low barrier of entry, be fun for all ages, family friendly, and have advanced content of interest to collectors and sci-fi enthusiasts.

Decentralized services, social media, and open source are used as much as possible to encourage anyone and everyone to join in.

We love NFTs and the WAX Community and this project is our way of giving back.

We are committed to delivering value ahead of promises.

We look forward to working with other independent projects, particularly those that are sci-fi and space themed.

Note: "Build", "Manufacturing", "Construction" and "Upgrade" is gamification drops, packs, and blends on Atomic Hub, Neftyblocks, and and not our own smart contracts.

This wiki serves as the whitepaper documentation. This draft project documentation is a living document and is updated regularly throughout pre-launch.