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Kuiper Crew

Benefits include:

  • Whitelisted for all general drops
  • Access to reserved drops and blends
  • Access to exclusive Kuiper Crew drops
  • Eligible to earn Achievements
  • Advanced access to intel
  • Access to special giveaways
  • Eligible to earn future Badges

There are two ways to become a Kuiper Crew member (only need to qualify for one):

  1. Genesis Badge
  2. Membership License

Genesis Badges Hodlers obtain field promotion to Protostar by:

  1. Claim your Kuiper Crew Badge

Membership License

  1. Purchase ( or blend ( a Member License
  2. Redeem Member License for Kuiper Crew Badge (

Note: If you already have a Kuiper Crew badge you do not need to purchase this license unless you want to sponsor another crew member, enable another wallet, or otherwise support the project.