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Kuiper Crew

Members of the Kuiper Crew:

  • Are active on our Discord and earn rank of Protostar or higher
  • Are verified on our server with Honeycomb
  • Check in to our Discord at least weekly
  • Not blacklisted for botting, multi-accounting, abusive behavior, or breaking the rules

Benefits include:

  • Whitelisted for all general drops
  • Access to reserved drops
  • Access to exclusive Kuiper Crew drops
  • Eligible to earn Achievements
  • Advanced access to intel
  • Access to special giveaways
  • Eligible to earn future Badges

There are three ways to become a Kuiper Crew member (only need to qualify for one):

  1. Social Mining
  2. Genesis Badge
  3. Membership License

Social Mining

  1. Join our Discord to become a Pilot Candidate (Get connected here:
  2. Be active on Discord and get to know our community to earn the role of Protostar
  3. Once you are promoted to Protostar, visit the #get-verified channel and read the pinned post
  4. Complete Honeycomb verification
  5. Claim your Kuiper Crew Badge

Genesis Badges Hodlers obtain field promotion to Protostar by:

  1. Joining our Discord (Get connected here:
  2. Complete Honeycomb verification
  3. Post wallet and promotion request in our Discord #support channel
  4. Claim your Kuiper Crew Badge

Membership License

  1. Purchase a Member License (
  2. Redeem Member License for Kuiper Crew Badge (
  3. Join our Discord (Get connected here:
  4. Complete Honeycomb verification in our Discord server
  5. Post wallet and promotion request in our Discord #support channel