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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WAX?

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is a blockchain specifically made for trading virtual items such as rare and collectible items in video games and virtual worlds. Learn more at

What is a WAX Wallet?

A WAX wallet is needed to buy, sell, hold NFTs and play games on the WAX blockchain. You can get a free WAX wallet here:

Will there be any big costs up front?

No big costs up front to participate. Assets needed to get started will be available at low cost and there will be lots of activities and giveaways to earn them in what we call "Social Mining". Prices of advanced assets are market driven.

What is Kuiper One all about?

Our theme is Space and Sci-Fi in an alternate future universe where the blockchains and their communities have evolved into major corporations that control various star systems and vie for power and influence.

Current focus is on gathering resources, building and collecting ships. A kind of “hot wheels” in space.

There will be multiple waves of ships released for each faction and each faction has a different style and attributes.

The backstory involves a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kuiper One, first manned mission to the Kuiper Belt.

Do I get more drops if I hold more than 1 of the same license or badge type?

There are "Claim Drops" and "Airdrops". For Airdrops, each wallet that has at least 1 badge gets 1 free distribution from the Airdrop. There are no advantages or disadvantages to holding more than 1 of the same type of badge in a wallet. A badge holder is automatically whitelisted for all general claim drops as well as special claim drops and airdrops that pertain to their particular badge type. The goal of badges are mostly to aid in thwarting bots as well as identify and reward long term supporters of the project.

wen whitepaper?

The wiki at serves as the "wikipaper" documentation. Periodically a pdf snapshot of the wiki may be produced to serve as a more portable format. The wiki will always be the most up to date official documentation.

What is in a starter kit?

The starter kit will include schematic for the Enduring and a random assortment of resources.

Is it too late to get in?

One of our goals is to always have a low barrier to entry so that anyone can get started, start building their way up, and enjoy the project. At the same time there will be benefits for long term supporters. This also very early in the project development cycle and we are, slowly but surely, in this for the long term.

What is the utility of stickers, promo items, and achievements?

Assets in the "promo" and "achievements" schema are collectibles and may be used in blends to get rarer versions of the collectible or exchanged for Kuiper Kredits that can be used to exchange for various items such as schematics.

What assets have utility?

It is currently planned for the following schemas to have future utility: ships, shuttles, modules, turrets, harvesters, pilots, facilities

Do mint numbers have any utility advantage?

Mint #s are important to collectors but one mint number does not have any other utility advantage over another in KuiperOne